Selecting an Executor for your Estate

When you sit down to plan your estate, you’re inevitably confronted with several difficult questions. What are your final wishes for your funeral?  How should your doctor and family define your incapacity? Who will look [...]

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Coordinating Your Assets With Your Estate Plan

An often overlooked step in estate planning is coordinating your assets with your legal documents. Many people believe their Will controls the distribution of all of their property at death. In reality, there are many [...]

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Choosing Successor Trustees

In our practice of estate planning, clients typically fall within two solution areas, dictated by the complexity and value of their assets. For those simpler planning needs, will-based estate planning can be an effective way [...]

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Business Planning Tools: The Buy-Sell Agreement

Part of effective estate planning is having your business planning aligned to your future goals for your family. Business owners often have a different set of considerations and complexities that necessitate more sophisticated planning. Fortunately, [...]

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Estate Administration Basics

One day, many of us will find ourselves facing the daunting task of settling a loved one’s estate. Unless you’ve done it before and have the help of an estate attorney, managing the distribution of [...]

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Protect Yourself from Business Liability: Maintain Corporate Formalities

Many people form business entities to go about a variety of revenue-generating activities, whether it’s owning and operating a business focused on selling products or services, or engaging in other activities such as owning residential, [...]

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